What should I do first in fitness?

What should I do first in fitness?

Many hate it and others love it, but starting to go to the gym can become a very good strategy to get in shape. Lately it has become very fashionable, not only because of all the ripped abs celebs on Instagram, but also because the gym becomes a place where most of the time you can only do one thing: exercise.

In this article (make yourself comfortable because it will be detailed) you will find strategies and practical advice to start going to the gym now and this time not just pay for the membership. In addition to researching the topic, I asked a renowned expert to provide me with his best strategy for you.

I assure you that you will love this article, but you will love what you will see in the mirror soon. Being constant in the gym is not as complicated as you think and the results you want to have are closer if you start reading now.

How to start going to the gym and be constant?

I don't want to lie to you, it is quite a challenge... it takes time, effort and discipline.

Also, I know how you feel, the gym looks intimidating at first.

With just one step inside, you can already see statuesque bodies in the mirror, devices similar to those of Chinese torture (especially because of the suffering face on the faces of the people who use it) and other machines that in your life you've seen.

And it's true, there are many things you need to learn to get off to a successful start in the gym, so let's go through the steps.

1.choose a gym

Before you start you must be clear about which gym you will go to.

Of course, the best one is the one that is most convenient for you, for example: the one that is close to home, work or the one that is on the way.

A friend started going to the gym during rush hour traffic after work, so instead of sitting in the car, she takes the opportunity to get in shape and gets home at almost the same time, great!

I had never seen it that way until a gym mate told me that his water and electricity bill has decreased because he showers in the gym before going to work, how great!

By this I mean that starting to go to the gym drags thousands of benefits wherever you see it, so choose yours, start with that.

2. Ask yourself and write when, how much, how, for what and why

If you are just starting the gym, surely you do not know what to expect, how to train or even what you want to achieve.

This part can be boring but, trust me, it is the key that guarantees you results in the future. So take a pencil and paper, your calendar or open a note from your mobile and answer these questions.

When and how much?

It seems that it is the simplest part, but in reality, it is the most difficult.

Let me explain why: we assume that we already know when we're going to go to the gym, and we say things like “in the morning” or “in the afternoon after work”, but in reality, this is not specific at all.

Our goal is not to have to think about it too much, because when you stop to think, am I going to the gym or not?, you are much more likely to put it off, forget or fail (even on purpose).

But before defining when to go to the gym and for how long, maybe you first have to know the answers to these important questions.

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