Fitness motivation tips


fitness motivation tips

Several keys to truly commit to training and exercise without excuses. 

Going to the gym is an activity that many people are willing to carry out regularly in their lives, but many times this remains only in the intention, and does not end up becoming a reality due to a lack of motivation.

In this article we are going to see how to get motivated to go to the gym, we will review a series of practical tips that can serve as an incentive to achieve and maintain a good motivation oriented towards personal training and regular exercise.

Why is motivation important?

Before knowing how to motivate yourself to go to the gym, we must see why it is important to invest attention in this aspect. When we are motivated to carry out any activity, it is less difficult for us to take the first steps to execute it and we do not feel that we are making a sacrifice to stay active, but rather that we do it with pleasure.

That is why motivation is important to start in the gym, so that we do not feel that we do it out of obligation, but rather that it turns out to be a leisure activity for us, a way to enjoy ourselves while staying healthy.

It is important to make sure that the motivation comes from within, that is, that it is an internal motivation and not that it is inspired by rewards imposed by external objects, such as the fact that people will like you more if we get leaner or leaner.

We must ask ourselves what is the real reason why we want to start this activity, and find an answer that gives us personal reasons to do so; a reason that refers to something significant beyond the specific objects and the approval of others.

How to motivate yourself to go to the gym?

In the next few lines we will find a list of practical tips that will be useful to start going to the gym with motivation.

1. Think about personal rewards

Thinking about the significant rewards for oneself that we will have after a while regularly attending the gym helps us to do it with greater enthusiasm during the first months. Try to keep these thoughts focused on personal rewards, such as improved health and satisfaction with self-improvement.

2. Look for clothes that you like

One way to increase the desire to go to the gym is to look for clothes that are to your liking and that are comfortable to carry out the exercises of your daily routine. This responds to the fact that when you wear clothes that you like, your self-esteem is strengthened and there is an increase in motivation to carry out the activities.

3. A coffee before training

Caffeine has properties that activate the nervous system and help clear your head in the morning. Getting used to having a coffee at least an hour before going to the gym leads us to have a better disposition to carry out the routines of the day. Of course, be careful with the quality and quantity of sugar that you add.

4. Establish a fixed schedule

Try to go to the gym at the same time every day. In this way you will be programming your brain to adapt to a new habit, and you will not forget so easily to free up that hour. Once you have attended for a while (approximately 21 days), you will see how it becomes much easier and more natural for you to carry out your daily training routines.

5. Go from less to more

Start little by little, and control the progress of your evolution. In this way you will get more motivation to see how they progress progressively in terms of resistance and acquisition of strength. It's important that you don't try to lift too heavy a weight in the beginning, as this will prevent you from evaluating yourself well and make you more easily frustrated.

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