Foods that help skin glow

In the modern time, the definition of beauty is changing day by day. The idea that a fair face, a clean face and a wavy hair is beautiful is out of fashion today. But smooth, glowing skin is always appreciated. And no matter the color of the skin, the brightness of the face increases confidence. Today's generation is inclined to maintain the brightness of the skin in natural ways. Eating good food, its impression will be on the face. From beauticians to doctors, no one denies this. However, there are several foods that brighten the face when applied to the face. Let's have a look at the list of some such foods

Olive oil

Olive oil can act as a moisturizer for your body. If you go out after sunset, you can apply olive oil lightly. You can also use it as a night cream before going to bed at night. It works great for removing makeup.

Milk is very good for nourishing the skin as it is rich in lactic acid. Applying milk makes the skin very soft. If you mix gram flour with milk and massage it all over your face, the dirt accumulated on your face due to pollution will be cleaned.

Coffee and coconut oil

A mixture of coffee and coconut oil will work great for your face and body scrub. But don't scrub too often. And don't scrub around the eyes. Scrubbing with a mixture of coffee and coconut or almond oil twice a week will kill the dead cells of the body.


Yogurt is very beneficial for dry skin. Make a mixture of curd with honey, gram flour and turmeric and apply it on your face for 10 to 20 minutes and then clean it well. Skin will look fresh like a baby.


Honey is very effective on sensitive skin. Honey is used in most cosmetics. Applying a mixture of cinnamon and honey on the face removes blemishes. Honey does not compare to keeping the skin hydrated.


Papaya is rich in alpha hydroxy acids. If you have mecha on your face, applying pape gives good results. Papain stimulates pigmentation. Make a paste by smashing it into pape and apply it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.


Applying tomato paste will work well to get rid of dark spots on the face. Tomatoes are also very useful in killing dead skin daily.

green tea

If the mind is happy, its impression is bound to be on the face. Consume plenty of water and green tea to keep the body hydrated.


Eating too much potato can lead to weight gain. But if you sleep at night with potato juice on your face, wake up and wash your face the next morning. Potato juice will help the skin retain water. Refreshing throughout the day. Source: Indian Express

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