Helps control weight soaked figs in the morning

  • Antioxidant figs act as a natural shield in the body against free radicals. ..
  • Controlling blood sugar is very important to keep the blood sugar level rights. ..
  • Figs are very effective in bone care by strengthening bones. ..
  • Helps control weight…
  • Soaked figs

When should you eat figs?

Figs are beneficial for weight loss because they are high in fiber and can be a perfect snack or mid-morning cobbler, especially for weight watchers. Dry anjir makes a great nutritious meal. 2 or 3 dried figs can make you feel fuller for longer and it can help you keep a longer gap between your two meals.

Male and female fig tree?

Ficus carica has 2 sexual structures, the "male" caprifig and the "female" plant that produces consumable figs. Caprifig monoecious individual male (staminate) blossoms and individual female diminutive styled (pistillate) blossoms.

Where do the best figs come from?

Most figs for commercial use in the United States are grown in California, as the fruit does not tolerate cold temperatures. Outside North America, Algeria, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Morocco, Spain and Turkey are among the top producers of figs.

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