How to look beautiful in 5 days?

The 5 best beauty tips and tricks for women

Beauty tips are great allies when it comes to showing off your best version. Many are a big secret among celebrities and celebrities, but you too can benefit from beauty tips.

5 beauty tips and tricks to look perfect

To better highlight your attributes, choose one of these tips to always be radiant and in trend:

1. Moisturize your face before makeup

If you want a perfect make-up, pass an ice cube of cucumber juice with aloe vera over the face and neck. This will leave the skin smooth to be able to put any beauty product.

2. Brush your hair with natural bristles

Use brushes with natural bristles. Boar bristles are very common, since the hair does not produce the frizz that plastic bristles produce. In addition, the natural hair fat is distributed evenly throughout the hair.

3. Cold water for hair

If you want to avoid hair loss and prevent dryness, in addition to using anti-loss treatments, you should also rinse your hair after washing with cold water, especially if your hair is fine. Cold water promotes more shine once dry.

4. Apply sunscreen

Never leave home without sunscreen. It is a recommendation not only aesthetic, but also clinical. The protector not only prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles, it also significantly reduces the risk of contracting skin cancer.

5. Soften the less visible parts

Both the elbows and the feet are not usually very visible. Depending on the accessories, shoes or clothes will be noticed. That's why remember to always hydrate them. At night use a few drops of olive oil for the elbows and put a little Vaseline on the ankles and heels.

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