What is the best daily beauty tips?

What is the best daily beauty tips?

Blonde hair with natural rinse

Blonde hair, whether natural or dyed, must be given special care. There are ways to keep the coloration alive and radiant. You should only rinse it with chamomile water and lemon juice after washing.

Reduce inflammation of your eyelids

You need to look perfect after a night out or just after sleeping for a long time. Wrap a piece of ice in a towel and place it on the swollen eye area. In a few minutes it will start to shrink.

Talc for excess oil in the hair

To improve visibly oily hair, use powder. Many times some urgency prevents washing the hair in time. If this is your case, apply a little talc to the bristles of your brush and comb it until you remove the excess.

Contouring Makeup

Give your face a more outlined shape. Use darker shades to outline the rounder areas. Your face will have a more outlined appearance. Cheeks will be softened and cheekbones will be highlighted so that your chin is elegantly exposed.

Brushed eyebrows

After washing your face, use a small brow brush and brush the brows away from their natural fall. Apply some mascara on them and then comb them through. Give them the shape that suits you best. If they are scarce, comb them without eliminating the effect of brushing.

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