What is the best daily beauty tips?

What is the best daily beauty tips?

Suggestive eyes

A look is worth a thousand words. If you are going to a meeting, a party or just going out on errands, make up your eyes. With just a few well-defined and blurred eyes, it will be enough to be perfect.

Refined hands

Hydration and sunscreen on the hands is essential. Apply almond oil once a week to your hands and put on gloves. Leave them for a couple of hours, or if you think you can sleep with them all night, the result obtained will be much better.

Slim neck

After applying your moisturizer, massage your fingers up your neck. Twice a week apply olive oil. Then, lie down and place a wet towel with ice water on the neck and leave it until it loses cold.

Cool smile

If you want to impress when talking or smiling, chew mint leaves before you go out. Check that there is no residue between your teeth. You can also keep them pressed between your tongue and the palate. The exhaled air when you talk will be pleasant to those who perceive it.

Beautifying foods

An elementary beauty trick is in what we consume. Our skin exposes the quality of the food we eat. Add green and red foods and fruits to your diet. They are excellent at removing the toxins that your skin often exposes with pimples or dryness.

Beauty tips are little tricks that will allow you to solve your appearance with little effort. Many of them are a true source of care and protection, if we turn them into daily habits.

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