How can a girl be naturally beautiful?

How can a girl be naturally beautiful?

Lips filled with liner

Increases volume naturally. Use a slightly thick-tipped eyeliner pencil. Precisely outlines the outer part of the natural lip line. If you want a natural look, use a shade close to yours and fill in with glitter. For a striking look use cold tones.

Hair with flashes of light

Regardless of the color of the hair, the shine speaks of its care. After washing with your usual products, give your hair a final rinse with water and vinegar. You can do this trick with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Your hair will keep a nice scent.

Silky lips

Hydration should not be limited to your body or your face. The lips are also an important part of the face. They are very visible and should not be cracked due to dryness. Apply coconut oil or Vaseline before bed. Before using your lipstick, apply a special lip moisturizing bar.

Blush with lipstick

Sometimes there is no time for rigorous makeup. On the cheeks use a lipstick. When you need to look natural, fresh and fixed, look for pastel shades among your lipsticks. Choose pinks, peaches or oranges. Smooth over your cheekbones.

Always strong and clean nails

The nails are the letter of introduction of the hands. That's why they should look clean and healthy. Apply lemon before bed, your nails will always be clean and strong for the days when you prefer to wear them natural.

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