Diet tips for beginners || diet tips for weight gain

Diet tips for beginners

Hello friends today we will discuss a topic about diet tips for beginners. If You read diet tips for beginners this full article you know details about diet tips. 

Best 10 Diet tips for beginners || What is the 10 rule diet?

The good weather arrives, a new year begins or you simply want to get in shape. It is a time when many are in a hurry to lose those extra kilos that they have been accumulating over months or years. This is one of the most frequent consultations with which we dietician nutritionists find ourselves throughout the year. People are still looking for the perfect and fast diet to lose weight without making great efforts, even if they put their health at risk.

If you are one of those people who needs a weight loss plan, I recommend that you continue reading this article or that you watch the following video where I give you the 10 key points to achieve it successfully and without great sacrifices.

1. Set a clear and realistic goal

Set yourself a realistic goal that is easy to achieve. As? Looking for a method that allows you to lose weight and then maintain it without compromising your state of health. What is the best method that I propose? Change your habits and learn to eat in a healthier way, adapt a healthier diet or lifestyle to your situation or personal life. Seeing it from this perspective will help you feel more motivated, achieve better and not be overwhelmed by how many kilos you will have to lose per week, since what you have to improve is your behavior when eating.

2. DON'T obsess over weight

"The best scale is clothes." You must assess your evolution with more objective data such as clothing, the one that fits you best, the one that you can wear pants that did not fit before, feel more deflated and light. The value of the weight varies greatly depending on the moment in which you weigh yourself, the conditions, the amount of water you have drunk, the food you have consumed, the regularity of your intestinal transit, the hormonal cycle in which you find yourself and even the stress level you currently have. You can have a weight control, to see evolution, but that is not daily or the only parameter to take into account.

3. Distribute your intake in several shots throughout the day.

The mistake that people tend to make is to think that the fewer calories are ingested, the better. Skipping breakfast or going to bed without dinner does not help, on the contrary, perhaps you will be moving away from your goal without realizing it. Since if we spend many hours without eating, anxiety or voracious hunger can appear that predisposes us to consume unhealthy foods that cause a glucose spike in our blood, with which we will be hungry again in a short time; and on the other hand, the body interprets this situation as a fast and can favor the adaptation of the body to energy savings. The recommended number of intakes per day will vary depending on our schedule, customs and lifestyle, but the recommendation to lose weight is to eat more than three meals a day. Complete breakfast, lunch and dinner with a mid-morning snack or a healthy snack. Nor is it worth skipping meals to "compensate for excesses" since we predispose the body to the situation discussed and do not favor the acquisition of good habits.

4. Learn to say NO and identify potential SABOTEERS.

Diet tips for beginners

The saboteur is that part of you that weakens you by making excuses for not doing something you want or have to do. You have to learn to say NO but you also have to learn to eat by your own decision, with knowledge of the facts and not by inertia, not because the situation leads you to it, or because the environment encourages you to do so. You have to learn to make the decision that YOU most want, the option that best suits your objective or your situation.

5. Include the practice of physical exercise in your daily routine.

DO NOT exercise as a compensatory method for a poor diet, if so, it will end up taking its toll on you. Physical exercise alone does NOT help you lose weight if you still eat more calories than you expend. Practicing physical exercise on a regular basis will help you lose body fat, will prevent the body from adapting to the pattern and, above all, will improve your physical shape and your health, since exercise also generates endorphins and provides well-being. Find a sport that you like, that you enjoy and that does not require effort to introduce it into your daily routine.

6. Plan your meals.

Make a weekly planning of your meals and based on it, make the shopping list. If the purchase is not planned, it is very likely that you will end up eating or snacking on anything, which will impair the quality of your diet and make it difficult to lose weight. The presence of unhealthy foods at home increases the possibility of failure, so it could be said that it is a determining factor of success in the short and long term. Get excited to try new things! It is not only the frequency of consumption of the different foods that makes the variety and the difference in your daily diet, but also the way of eating and presenting them. It will allow you to enjoy more of the change you are making.

7. Use the plate method

Diet tips for beginners

When planning your lunches and dinners, I advise you to keep in mind the plate method, which will help you ensure that they are balanced, varied, and limit quantities. Always give preference, with half of your plate, to both raw and cooked vegetables. With salads, the amount eaten is usually not enough, so you should also not forget to also consume vegetables. One quarter of the plate should be proteins in the form of eggs, meat, fish, shellfish, vegetable protein or legumes and the other quarter of the plate should be made up of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. Dessert can be a piece of fruit or a dairy dessert.

8. Prioritize the consumption of water over other types of drinks

It is the main component of our body. Maintaining a good state of hydration is very important and it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids a day. In addition to being the best resource to quench our thirst, it can help us control the impulse of hunger by helping us feel more satiated during the day.

9. Be constant and persevering with your goal.

Do not give up at the slightest failure in the pattern. Think that what you are doing is a change in habits, so you should not demand to make it perfect, but to maintain it over time and make small improvements. Any progress in your behavior, in your way of eating, is progress towards your goal that will allow you to achieve it and above all, maintain it.

10. Take care of your free time, your body, your rest and love yourself a lot

Do activities that you find pleasant and that help you escape from problems and release stress. If your life is full of pleasant things, you won't need to fill your stomach all the time or release your stress with food. Also, living without so much stress is the secret to a better quality of life. Take care of yourself on an emotional level.

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