What is the best food for gym?

What is the best food for gym?

Today I will discuss A topic What is the best food for gym?. If someone reads What is the best food for gym? article he will know more about this topic, let's read the article till the end.

We propose 5 foods to gain muscle that will help you see results from your effort in the gym and not get discouraged.

Best tips for gym || What is the best food for gym?

I imagine the month of January as the month in which the gyms make August, while the rest of us try to reach the end of the famous slope, they hang the complete sign thanks to those New Year resolutions that most of us make for after eating the grapes.

And if joining the gym was in our plans and we have done it with enthusiasm and desire, the most important thing to maintain this motivation is to begin to appreciate the results. If not, we will end up leaving the gym and like that person in the joke who says at the end of the year: "Honey, of the 3 kg I wanted to lose this year, I only have 5 more to go."

Jokes aside, a good way to appreciate the results of our gymnastic effort is to accompany the exercise with an adequate diet, which provides us with everything we need, allowing us to burn that fat that we do not want to have on us and taking care of our muscles, that is why I We propose 5 foods to gain muscle, without the need to go to industrial preparations.

Although there are a lot of sports supplements on the market designed to develop muscles, we can also use a few foods that nature offers us that are ideal for caring for, defining and growing our muscles.


Meats in general contain proteins of high biological value (those that contain the eight essential amino acids) and are a source of B vitamins and natural creatine. The latter, which is found in fish and meat -especially pork- can help increase muscle strength in athletes, so do not limit yourself to chicken breasts and include lean pieces of meat in your diet pork like loin and sirloin which, in addition to strengthening your muscles, have more flavor than chicken.

Alga Nori

They are rich in iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland in charge of adjusting the metabolism of blood sugar. They also help to avoid fluid retention, thus achieving a more defined musculature.


This pseudocereal that is beginning to find a place on our tables is a food that contains carbohydrates and proteins of high biological value with a significant content of lysine and methionine -two of the essential amino acids- that are involved in neuronal development and the metabolism of insulin. It also has vitamins B and E and minerals like magnesium that help prevent muscle cramps.


They neutralize the acids that are produced in the muscle during exercise and are a source of vegetable proteins that, if consumed together with a cereal -for example, brown rice- are of high biological value.


As long as they are not eaten fried, almonds -raw or toasted- provide us with good quality vegetable proteins, vitamins of group B and E, as well as iron -which is involved in the transport of oxygen to the muscles- phosphorus, calcium, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

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