10 tips to get started in fitness


10 tips to get started in fitness

Every beginning is hard, especially when it comes to training. But as soon as you have overcome laziness and have noticed the first changes, you will see how your motivation and desire to train increases. With these 10 tips to get started in fitness, there will be nothing that will stand in the way of your perfect workout.

1. Define your objectives

"Those who don't know where they want to go should not be surprised if they end up somewhere else."

Mark Twain

To train with success and motivation, it is important to take into account the first tip: set realistic goals.

Set goals and think about why you want to achieve them. There will come a day when you don't feel like training. And precisely at that moment you will need your objectives, to remind you where you want to go.

2. Patience and discipline

Impatience is part of human nature. But as we know, “Rome was not built in a day.” The same thing happens with our body. You won't see much change after a month of training. Practice patience and give your body enough time to change. This requires hard and consistent training, until you reach your goals. Challenge yourself and grow. Only then will you achieve the results you want.

3. Sufficient sleep and regeneration time

One of the most important points to enjoy healthy and successful training is to dedicate enough time to sleep and regeneration. Trained muscle groups regenerate more effectively during the deep sleep phase. It is also important that the muscle groups you train rest for one or two days.

4. Food

Your diet is, along with your sports training program, one of the most important components to successfully achieve your goals. Depending on where you place the emphasis in your training, you will need to adjust your diet as well. Don't change your diet from one day to the next. Long-term planning is much more effective than radical changes.

5. The most important commandment: drink enough!

Just in everyday life, drinking enough plays a fundamental role for well-being. But also in fitness it is very important to consume the necessary fluids. For our cells to work optimally, they need fluid. Therefore, drinking what the body needs is especially important when doing sports, since a lot of fluid is lost through sweat. To keep fluid reserves at an optimal level, you should drink three to five liters a day. It is also important to take breaks every 20 minutes during training to have a drink of water.

6. Don't forget to warm up

Always start your training with a warm-up. This is important to avoid injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments. By warming up, your muscles will have better blood flow and will be able to better cope with stimuli or loads. Before training you should dedicate 5 to 10 minutes to warming up, thus preparing your body for the training that will follow.

Fitness: Warm-up

7. Don't overestimate yourself!

Especially for beginners, it is important to correctly learn the movement process of the exercise in question. For this reason it is advisable to use light weights and increase it in stages.

8. Stretch for better mobility

Stretching should always be part of training. Extensive stretching is very important after sports, as the muscles will benefit from better blood supply and relax. It also improves general mobility. An excellent aid product is Thera-Band elastic bands.

9. Train basic skills

Motor capabilities are the five basic abilities of the body. Among them are strength, endurance, speed, mobility and coordination. Thanks to these basic skills, the necessary basis for training is achieved. Make sure there is variety in your training and improve your basic skills to improve with your exercises too.

10. Fun and motivation

Challenge yourself, set new goals and reward yourself for your achievements. Training and eating properly should do you and your body good. Always keep your goals in sight and give yourself a reward when you have achieved them. In any case you should not stop immediately, in case it is not working or if you have already achieved your goals.

Summary: Tips to get started in fitness

The path to stop being a couch potato and become an athlete is not easy. But it's worth doing something for you and your body. With the right training, a good attitude and the 10 tips to get started in fitness, you will soon be able to rejoice in your first training successes.

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