Best Diet Tips For Every People

Best Diet Tips For Every People

1. Fish, eggs and white meat

Foods of animal origin are the main source of protein and vitamin B12. The Mediterranean diet prioritizes fish and eggs over meat, especially red meat, and that is how it should be in a healthy diet.

3 or 4 servings of fish (blue and white) and between 3 and 4 eggs a week are a good proportion. As for meat, it is preferable to consume white meat, such as chicken, turkey or rabbit, without fat. On the other hand, one serving of red meat a week is enough.

2. Drink water

Neither sugary drinks nor alcohol provide interesting nutrients for our health. Yes, it is important to stay hydrated, but there is nothing better for this than water. The amount depends on the climate, lifestyle and age, but we should drink around 2 or 2 and a half liters of liquid a day in the form of water, infusions, vegetable creams, broths, fruits,...

3. Limit foods with a lot of fat, salt and sugar

Excessive consumption of saturated fats, sugar and/or salt can have negative health effects. The best way to limit these ingredients is to look at nutritional labels that indicate the amount of simple sugars, saturated fats and salt. The basis of our diet should be fresh foods and vegetables.

4. Use olive oil and spices

Olive oil is a source of health. It has multiple benefits, including that it helps regulate LDL cholesterol levels (also known as bad cholesterol) in the blood. Olive oil is one of the fundamental ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, a true treasure that we have at our disposal. Therefore, it is advisable to use virgin olive oil both for cooking and for dressing.

Additionally, a technique for using salt in moderation is to add aromatic herbs and spices to our dishes that add flavor without increasing the sodium level in the food.

5. Variety as the norm

A balanced and healthy daily diet is, above all, varied. The more variety of foods, colors, flavors and textures on our plates, the more nutritionally complete our diet will be. In addition, a varied diet is less monotonous and more pleasant. After all, enjoying food is also part of a healthy diet.

Eating well to feel good is not a complex or difficult goal. With these 10 tips we can start to eat better in a simple way, without strict diets and enjoying our precious Mediterranean diet.

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